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Basic & Advance Medical Injectable


Our 1-day Medical Injectable and filler course covers both clinical considerations. And as well
as important cosmetic issues that enhance communication between the provider and the
client. This course will also enlighten the participant on how to build a practice. And capitalize
on the enormous Medical Injectable market that exists.

With millions of dollars spent on Botox it’s clearly evident that there is a booming demand for
these procedures in all over Canada. Interest of the public to undergo Botox treatment means
there are new opportunities open up for
qualified personnel’s every day.
At Elite College we believe that practitioners need to have expertise in order to safely conduct
aesthetic injectable procedures. We are proud to offer a One-day Comprehensive Botox basic
and Advance training will encompass the most common facial areas and popular uses for Botox
under experienced and qualified instructors to pave the road for your future in medical

We focus more on Hands-on Training because we believe that’s give the required practical
knowledge start working right away. We make sure attendees perform these aesthetic
procedures under the supervision of certified physicians.

Basic & Advance Botox Botox
Session one of our program combined with live demonstrations and Hands-on
practices. Students will undergo all basic aspects of Botox. Special focus will be placed on facial
anatomy, how to select patients, how to mitigate the complications and post care advices.
Course Objectives;

  • Injection techniques
  • Explanation of facial anatomy
  • Selecting correct treatment methods as the patient
  • How to treat for complications
  • Recommendation for storage, reconstitution and dilution methods
  • Exclusive Hands-on Training session

Botox – Advance
Second session is allocated to explore the advanced Botox techniques with live demonstrations
and Hands-on practices.
Course Objectives;

  • A thorough review of the muscles of facial expression.
  • Risks and benefits of Cosmetic Medical Injectables will be discussed for both upper
    and lower face.
  • Demonstration of Medical Injectables for the Upper and Lower Face.
  • Consultation skills & patient interview techniques.
  • Exclusive Hands-on procedures which include;
  • Review of Basic Areas: Glabella, Forehead, Crow's feet, Depressor Anguli Oris, Nasalis, Mentalis, Hyper Hydrosis.
  • Avoiding complications such as Brow heaviness, eyelid ptosis, drooping mouth, diplopia, etc.
  • Advanced Injections: Platysmal bands, Nefertiti lift, Lips,

LevatorAlaquiNasi, under eyelid, Madible shaping / masseter.

  • You will learn all 18 Procedures: Includes 12 common Botulinum Toxin treatments and 6 common
    Dermal Fillers treatments offered in most cosmetic clinics.
  • You are far more employable if you want to work in a clinic: Many practitioners only complete
    foundation training, giving you the adge as an advanced practitioner. Clinics usually offer all 18
    treatments so its important you have the training to match this.
  • You can offer your clients a wider portfolio of treatments: Many patients are now becoming more
    informed about advanced treatments and requesting combination treatments taught across our
    Foundation and Advanced syllabus.
  • Plenty of practical experience on live Cosmetic Models: All our courses include 50% practical
    work on live models.

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This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
Take your course and join the club of the certified practitioners who are successful performing
non-surgical aesthetic procedures.
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