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Basic & Advance Filler


At Elite College, the secret is in our name – we’re a group of elite trainers who train people just like you to become an elite in the world of beauty therapy. We offer full spectrum training – from the basics of an effective consultation to win the trust of your client, to hands on, real life experiences in all of our medical aesthetics courses and dermal fillers courses.

Because we want you to be the best in your field, we only work with the best, and most experienced
medical practitioners. Our doctors and nurses are highly qualified in cosmetic medicine and are with you throughout your training.

You won’t just learn how to correctly and effectively administer Medical Injectable and dermal fillers or
carry out other non-surgical procedures, you’ll learn how to deliver them safely. The safety of you and
your client is paramount, leaving you both happy and proud of the stunning results you’ll deliver.

Dermal Fillers are non-invasive procedure that patients are seeking to rejuvenate their
appearance. Filler treatments can help to restore the elasticity level of the skin which is
affected due aging or other reasons by reconstituting using epidermal elements like collagen,
hyaluronic acid and elastin. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that results are evident
immediately and side effects are minimum.
Our program is designed to facilitate a learning environment combined with demonstrations
and exclusive Hands-on practices to elevate your skills of cosmetic injections techniques so you
can start treating straightaway once you get certified.

Basic Filler
First session is allocated to cover all the basic knowledge which is required to move in to
advance filler.

  • Extensive Knowledge of Dermal Fillers
  • Dermal Filler Theory Part I, II & III
  • Understanding How Dermal Fillers Work
  • Dermal fillers practicum Syringing techniques and injection simulation
  • Discussion and assessment of the injections
  • How to Make Recommendations
  • How to Manage & Treat Side Effects
  • Perform a Follow Up with Dermal Filler Patients

Advance Filler
Second session is allocated to advance dermal filler procedure training and our students will more
and more Hands-on training with professional guidance from our instructors.

  • Review of fillers available in Canada including Juvederm, Teosyal, Emerval, Esthelis,
    Princess, Restylane, etc.
  • Review of basic filler areas – cheek, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, fine lines.
  • Discussion regarding avoidance and treatment of serious complications eg. arterial
    necrosis, granulomas, blindness.
  • Use of cannulas for HA fillers
  • Advanced Injections:
  • Subcutaneous cheek hollows etc, Lips – vermillion border,

fine lines, volume and Men’s Lips, Earlobe reconstruction, 10 minute
“nose job”, Temples, headband lift, Chin augmentation / definition,
curving up corners of mouth, Tear troughs, Hand Fillers, Eyebrow lift
with Filler, Correcting nasal flare/nostril size

We educate practitioners in a wide range of cosmetic and beauty treatments, so that once they
graduate, they will be able to offer different treatment options to their clients.
As the demand for dermal filler treatments increases now is the best time receive your
training to have a competitive advantage over others.
Our Expert Trainers with Safety at their Core
This 1-day intensive hands-on training workshop will present the history, development, and
characteristics of dermal fillers (Collagen, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Prevelle, Sculptra, and
Silicone). Comprehensive didactic will be presented of the different injection techniques and safety
issues, as well as management and treatment of complications. We will discuss pain management
modalities including topical numbing agents and dental nerve blocks and infiltrations.
We will discuss the consultation and assessment process, implement selection criteria of filling agents,
and explore the importance of establishing realistic patient expectations and patient education to
ensure positive patient outcome. The afternoon will provide intense hands-on sessions. We will
explore the creative and artistic aspects important for a successful treatment outcome which will
include special techniques to create the look your patients’ desire and ways to treat difficult problem
Our ratio of instructor to student for this class is 4-6 students to 1 instructor. During the course you will
gain valuable insight and pearls on the “How To” of this unique business model for optimal success. We
will discuss price structuring, market trends, and retention of your client base. Attendees will receive a
textbook, product for practicum, and a lab coat. A certificate showing certification of hands-on training
will be provided upon completion of the course.
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This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005