• Benefits Of Face To Face Learning

    • February 5, 2020
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    Some things are just not meant to be taught online

    The internet is responsible for many, many good (and not so good things). Whatever we want – be that a pizza at 3am, a date this weekend or a cute cat video, it’s readily available at our fingertips. When it comes to learning too, we can source all manner of online courses. Which is great if we want to learn how to code or learn a new language for example.

    But there are courses and skills that are just better off being taught face to face. In the beauty industry, this is so important. Learning how to apply individual lash extensions, laser hair removal techniques and the delicate art of microblading are skills best learnt face to face, plain and simple.

    • Imagine trusting your eyebrows to someone who might permanently etch them onto your face in the wrong position, shape or color?
    • Or wanting a set of beautiful mink eyelashes so that you look great around the pool on the holiday of a lifetime, only for them to be substandard and fall off all over your beach towel?
    • How about laser hair removal in your most intimate places that burns or leaves behind scars?

    You wouldn’t accept any of that, so why would you learn to do any of these things from a tutorial on YouTube or an online ‘live’ from someone in a faraway town or country that teaches only the basics before they disappear?

    Supervised Learning:

    Learning these skills requires lots of study and hands on practice, under the watchful eye of an expert who will teach you the full how, why, when and where of such skills. During practical hands on learning sessions, you have the chance to ask questions as you go, and learn from them. Watching someone online doesn’t give you this luxury. Often, it’s not until you do something physically that you realise you find part of it tricky, or you need to clarify exactly how to do something. These are the parts of a practical process that simply cannot be learnt online.

    We’ll admit, there is the cost involved to think about. But learning something for free online is generally too good to be true. Especially when it comes to delicate beauty techniques that can so easily go wrong and ruin someone’s confidence in how they look, when all they wanted was to feel good.

    When it comes to learning and furthering your career, you need to invest. After all, a lot of the beauty industry relies on recommendations and reviews. Some of the most successful technicians have thousands of repeat customers and they bring in new customers, and that’s what makes a successful business.

    So rather than learning something online, just to “itch that scratch” of learning it, then putting it to bed without using it, why not enrol on one of our world class courses and learn the best way? If you’re serious about being a mover and shaker in the beauty industry, it’s your best move. Who knows how it might enhance your future business and career prospects!

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