Competitive Speaking

Course Objective:

Most of us feel some level of trepidation before delivering a public speech. Whether that’s as part of our job, at a social occasion or as part of a university course or entrance process.

But the latest generation of young people may struggle more, since their whole lives have been dominated by communicating (most of the time non-verbally) via the screens of electronic devices.

Good communication and confident public speaking is a useful skill, and if learnt as a young person, could put them ahead of the competition. Especially useful in competitive public speaking!

Lori-Ann Jakel is an award winning public speaker who specializes in interview coaching and public speaking contest preparation. She works with many private schools and successfully prepares students for entrance interviews for prestigious schools such as UCC, Branksome Hall, Havergal, St Andrew’s and UTS.

This valuable six-month course is carried out in hour long sessions on Saturday or Sunday lunchtimes and includes:

  • Marionette Lines
  • Speaking with purpose
  • Writing a competitive speech
  • Delivering your speech with passion
  • Dealing with impromptu public speaking
  • Video evaluation and feedback of your speech

All students will also take part in two competitions and extra classes can be scheduled before each contest. All necessary materials will be supplied.

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Duration 6 Months
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COURSE FEE: $1,800 + HST
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