Interview Course


Course Objective:

  • Getting through an interview with confidence
  • Speaking effectively
  • Dealing with impromptu public speaking
  • Overcoming and eliminating signs of nervousness

If your child is interested in going to a prestigious school such as UCC, Branksome Hall, Havergal, St Andrew’s or UTS, then they may have as little as three minutes at interview to set themselves apart from all the other kids striving to also get accepted. Many kids have similar grades and reports, so this three minutes could be all they get to stand out and shine.

But if your child suffers with nerves, shyness or a lack of good communication skills, then these interviews could be filling them with more dread than usual. It would be a huge disappointment if everything about their school career was excellent, but their interview let them down at the final hurdle.

Getting Past Band One or Top-Grade School Interviews with Confidence

Give your child the best chance of acing the interview process by learning from the best. We’re proud to be the first in Markham offering an interview course with Lori-Ann Jakel, award winning toastmaster, author, poet and co-founder of Stand Up and Speak Inc, a motivational and interview coaching organization.

Lori-Ann is sought after by many private schools and helps students gain entrance to the most prestigious private schools and universities.

Her courses are described as engaging at the same time as being educational, challenging yet fun and most definitely worthwhile. She’s incredibly passionate about eliminating the fear of public speaking that holds back so many of our talented youngsters. She’s even been described as a ‘partner in a child’s education’ by some parents.

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Duration 4 Weeks
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