SEO & eCommerce Training

Course Objective

In this course you will learn how to create and utilize e-commerce websites. E-commerce has been around since the 1970’s and companies are increasing their online presence more every year.

What can your e-commerce site do for you? One, it helps customers locate your business. Your site might be an addition to your brick and mortar store or it might be the store itself.  In this course you will learn how to measure the Key Performance Indicators of your website. The KPI’s give you information that allows you to utilize the site for research, whether your site is aiding a brick and mortar establishment or is the store itself.

Program of Study

  • Learn what an e-commerce website is, and why it is important.
  • Understand the topology (the structure) and categorization of modern websites.
  • Learn the importance of security on e-commerce sites.
  • Hear from real life case studies to help you decide which web platform you’d like to host.your e-commerce site on.
  • How to design your pages, and add content and products.

Competitions are a regular part of study in today’s world, and its crucial our young people have the life skills to know how to get ahead in them. Give your child the opportunity to learn the best, from the best!

SEO Training Course Outline

Aim: To utilize Search Engine Optimization, SEO, skills to boost your websites rankings
Cost: TBC
It’s one thing having a website. But it is quite another getting visitors to it, especially visitors who are ready to spend money with you. You can advertise, with search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! but this is very competitive, and very expensive. So SEO, the ability to optimize each of your website pages for search engines, is now a weapon of choice in making websites stand out. It is cost effective and can make the difference between appearing on that elusive first page of Google, and not. It takes skill, patience and constant content relevant to your business but with the right strategy, can be very successful.

Learn how to optimize your website using SEO and achieve a competitive advantage!
Course Outline
Part 1 – the basics
How SEO has evolved into an effective marketing tool
Why SEO has so many benefits
Learn the modern techniques behind SEO
Listen to a real life case study into how SEO can work
Part 2 – getting used to search engines
Learn how to look for what people are searching for in your business niche
Understand what sitemaps are and what they are used for
Learn how to analyze your website traffic
Part 3 – SEO on-page techniques
Discover what a website tag is and how to apply them
Learn what meta data is, how to apply them and why they are crucial
How to add SEO tags to images and videos
Learn how to keep your content up to date
Discover tools that will help you with your SEO strategy
Part 4 – getting competitive
Learn the importance of keywords and how to select the right ones for you
Discover how to analyze keywords and optimize them for your business
Learn the techniques for analyzing the content you have and to optimize its keywords
Part 5 – optimizing optimization
Learn how your site speed can affect your SEO ranking and how to optimize it
Learn how your content can affect your SEO ranking and how to optimize it
Discover how to run an error report for your site and how to correct errors that it highlights
Learn the importance of back links and internal links for SEO
Understand how to optimize your site for both local search terms and global ones
Part 6 – SEO algorithms
Understand what a page rank algorithm is and how to use it
Understand what the Penguin Everflux algorithm is and how to use it
Understand what the Panda algorithm is and how to use it

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    Duration 220 Hours
    ELIGIBILITY: Corporate Training
    COURSE FEE: $6000
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    Alumini Testimonials

    • It has been a fun learning experience. The faculty is really nice and helps clear all your concepts and give you practical insights on how Digital Marketing works in the Corporate World.

      Thomas, London
    • I found the course to be very interesting,I learned a lot of things directly linked with SEO that I didn't know before. I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the training at Elite College

      Thomas, London
    • I am very happy to finish my course from Elite College. It was a very nice experience. I got to learn many new things, whatever I learned from here I implement that in my workplace. The trainers were really good.

      Thomas, London