Stand Up and Speak

Why Good Communication Skills Are Crucial for Young Children

In this day and age, many of us are so engrossed in our electronic communication devices, that actual real-life communication can seem strange. How often do you text or email someone, rather than calling them, or meeting up with them in person?

So its little wonder that our kids are the same. Today’s generation of young people have grown up with mobile phones, tablets and laptops, they’re now very much the norm. This can result in extremely shy children who find it difficult to communicate in real life situations. This can also lead to frustration at not being heard or understood, which itself can lead to kids with bad tempers or a don’t care attitude.

Crying, shouting and lashing out could all become commonplace.

Good Communication is Everything

Children that don’t know how to express themselves clearly can grow into young adults who are equally as frustrated. Future college entry interviews and interviews for jobs can be negatively impacted by this frustration and lack of confidence. They might have all the exam results and glowing school reports, but if they can’t sell themselves at an interview as the confident young person they deserve to be, it could spell disappointment and let down.

If your child finds it difficult to say hi to someone or give eye contact and can only manage yes or no answers, they could benefit from some confidence in communication training.

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