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Facebook Marketing Bootcamp


  • Learn How to Get $0.01 Likes and Clicks that Lead to Sales with this Course!
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • How to Create a Sales Funnel on Facebook – CREATE YOUR OWN NOW!


  • Facebook Profile VS. Facebook Page
  • How to Create and Optimize a Facebook Page1
  • What are the Optimal Social Media Image Sizes?
  • Top 5 SEO Tips for your Facebook Page
  • How to Change a Facebook Page Category
  • Why Keyword Research is CRUCIAL!
  • HACK for Google Keyword Planner (FREE keyword research!)
  • How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description
  • What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome?
  • The 15 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen
  • How to Install Facebook Apps + Best Facebook Page Apps
  • How to Install Facebook Apps + Best Facebook Page Apps


  • Marketing 101 – 3 Elements of Succesful Ads
  • Create your FIRST Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Image Sizes – Use the Ideal Sized Images on Facebook
  • Step 1 Facebook Ads – CAMPAIGN: Marketing Objectives
  • 4 Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Ads – Text Overlay Tool
  • Step 2 Facebook Ads – AD SET: Facebook Ad Targeting
  • Placement: Audience Network? YES!
  • Facebook Ads: Bidding, Budgets & Schedules
  • A/B Split Testing
  • WATCH ME: Create a Post Engagement Ad with A/B SPLIT TESTING
  • Split Testing in Facebook: CONVERSION ADS
  • Split Test Images with Carousel Ads
  • List of Cheapest Countries for Facebook Ad Clicks
  • Cheapest Countries for Facebook Likes & Engagement
  • CHEAP Facebook Page Likes HACK
  • STEAL Competitors Fans = Brand Awareness + Reach + Page Likes


  • What is the Facebook Pixel + How to Install the Facebook Pixel
  • Differences Between Standard Events & Custom Conversions
  • Facebook Pixels: What do you want to track?
  • VERIFY your Facebook pixel is working with this Chrome extension!
  • Facebook Pixel Help
  • Did you install the Facebook Pixel in 2015 or before? HOW TO CONVERT TO THE NEW!
  • How do I transition from a conversion tracking pixel to a Facebook pixel?
  • How do I troubleshoot discrepancies between the conversion tracking pixel and Facebook pixel?
  • How to Transition to the Facebook Pixel
  • Create an Audience for Facebook Ads
  • Custom Audience EXCEL Template
  • The BEST Lookalike Audience HACK
  • Standard Events or Custom Conversions?
  • Standard Events or Custom Conversions for Facebook Ads?
  • Create Custom Conversions

Types of Facebook Ads - IN DEPTH ANALYSIS:

  • Lead Generation Ads
  • Use the Facebook Pixel for Remarketing/Retargeting Ads
  • Dynamic Ads – GREAT for Ecommerce!
  • Dynamic Ads – Product CSV Feed TEMPLATE.csv
  • Local Business Ads on Facebook (Brick & Mortar Businesses)
  • Ads in Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Offers and Offer Ads


  • Facebook Engagement
  • Tips for Engagement on Facebook
  • WATCH ME: Create Page Likes Ads – MULTIPLE AD SETS
  • Posting Calendar – Planning is Your Key to Success


  • What is a Relevance Score + How to Increase It
  • 2016 UPDATE to Facebook Ads Manager – Reporting Integrated
  • Facebook Reporting – How to Measure Results in Ads Manager


  • Learn the Power of Facebook Insights
  • Audience Insights
  • Audience Optimization in Facebook Posts

social Media Marketing :

  • Why is Social Media Marketing Important?
  • What Content Should I Share
  • Social Media Management Tools: How to Cut Posting Time in Half
  • Want to learn more about Social Media Marketing?

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