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Study Now, Pay Later

To all the Future Educators, Business Professionals who want to Make a Difference and Succeed!

Study Now & Pay Later!

Professional form of Education can be one’s dream and someone else’s backbone to lay the foundation to build their career. What stopping you from following your goals? paving the path for your future? is it the financial burden that you have bear at once? That’s where we heard your voice. At Elite College we introduced a concept called “Study Now & Pay Later”, where we opened the education to everyone.

We Elite College proud to announce that we have taken partnership with “iFinancePay” where now you can pay for your education with easy payment options.

As a parent or as an independent individual, you know how important is the Quality Education to have a successful life and a career. Don’t let your aspiration to age with time, take the initiative today. Come and register with us at Elite College and start you course and Pay Later.

Convert your payments into easy monthly instalments where you don’t have to be stressed thinking about your financial situation and most important you don’t have to postpone your education even for a day. Payment plan ranges between 6 to 72 months and you own the decision to select what’s the best plan for you, not anyone else.

Start your Education TODAY at Elite College and Pay Later . “Future is Yours”