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At Elite College, we have you covered. We’re an all in one private college offering courses where you’ll learn the latest techniques in applying Instagram ready, flawless makeup, perfect eyelash extensions, seamless hair extensions and the most artfully crafted of nail art.

Elite College of Business
and Healthcare

Comprehensive Beauty Education: From Advanced Aesthetics to Client Relations and Business Management

We also offer high tech, medical courses including how to administer Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables and how to successfully carry out a Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP ‘Vampire’, facial. We also train therapists in laser treatments including laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing.

But we don’t stop there. We understand how running a successful beauty business isn’t just about the treatments. It’s also about the rapport you have with your clients. You could be the best trained salon beauty therapists in Canada, but if you don’t have the confidence to build up relationships with your clients and make them feel amazing, then they’re unlikely to return.

It’s also about the business side of running a business. The number crunching, the right level of stock, paying wages if you have staff and paying the correct taxes. Without this knowledge, your business could be doomed before the very start.



Elite College of Business and Healthcare was founded with a vision to revolutionize education in the beauty and healthcare domains. Since our establishment, we have been committed to providing hands-on, cutting-edge courses delivered by industry specialists. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a leading institution, prioritizing innovation, client relationships, and business savvy. Our history is a journey of dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and empowering our graduates with the skills and confidence to excel in the ever-changing landscape of beauty and healthcare.



Our mission at Elite College is to provide comprehensive, hands-on education that goes beyond conventional beauty and medical training. We are dedicated to offering courses delivered by industry specialists, equipping our students with the latest techniques in makeup, hair, skincare, and advanced medical procedures. We aim to instill not only technical expertise but also the interpersonal and business skills essential for success in the beauty and healthcare sectors. By combining innovation, accessibility, and unwavering support, Elite College is committed to shaping confident, skilled, and business-savvy professionals ready to make a mark in their chosen fields.



At Elite College of Business and Healthcare, our vision is to be the leading institution empowering aspiring professionals in the beauty and healthcare industries. We strive to create a dynamic learning environment that not only imparts cutting-edge skills but also fosters confidence, client relationships, and business acumen. Our commitment is to be at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring our students graduate not only as skilled practitioners but as confident entrepreneurs ready to thrive in the evolving landscape of beauty and healthcare.

Our Team

We are delighted to introduce you to the talented individuals who make up our dedicated team

Honey Sohi

Head of Esthetics Instructor

Sasha Pereira

Medical Injectable Instructor

Irene Wu

Head of Student Admission Counsellor

Yuki Liang

Senior Student Enrolment Counsellor

Lili Wang

Student Counsellor

Joe T

International Student Recruiter

Mansi Kavthekar

Senior Social Media Specialist

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Explore a rewarding career in the beauty industry with guidance from Elite College Staff. Gain insights into educational opportunities, techniques, and job possibilities. Our hands-on training programs make achieving career goals easy.

Explore the beauty industry with Elite College Staff's support. Gain insights on education, techniques, and job opportunities. Hands-on training for easy goal achievement.
Learn delivering injectables through tutorials. Elite Professional School provides inspiration and skills for aspiring artists.
Tailored training for effective communication, confidence-building, and business skills. Join award-winning Stand Up and Speak sessions with Lori-Ann Jakel.
Differentiate in the beauty industry with courses in speaking and business. Applicable to various sectors.