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  • Is the training really 100% hands on?

    Yes – All the courses are taught in very small groups (3-4 max per teacher/demo client) with intensive hands on and endless opportunities.

  • Will I be able to provide these services immediately after taking the course?

    Yes, in fact, we recommend that you start right away so that you can immediately incorporate your new knowledge base into your practice. Please note that nurses require a doctors order before they are able to inject Botox, Fillers or sclerotherapy. Please note that these courses are intended for medical professionals who are willing to prepare well and are fast at absorbing information – you will learn a lot in a short period of time!

  • I am an International Medical Graduate - can I take these courses?

    Yes, absolutely, you can take the courses, but just like a nurse, you will require a Canadian-licensed doctor or nurse practitioner’s order to inject botox, fillers or sclerotherapy solutions.

  • Do you get a guarantee for hands-on training?

    Hands-on laser training is one of the most important criteria you should be evaluating when considering which laser course to attend. Elite College is widely-regarded as the leader in offering the most hands-on training of any laser course. Our belief is that hours upon hours of classroom training, unless combined with real, practical experience with the laser, is not sufficient for students to go into the clinic with.

  • What procedures do you offer training on?

    Laser Hair Removal, Spinder Vein removal, Acne, Acne scar removal, Pigmentation removal, winkle reduction and etc

  • Do I have to be an aesthetician or have any medical background to work with lasers?

    No, we’ll teach from the basic.

  • Do you offer job placement?

    Yes, graduates with high grades will offer job placement immediately

  • Any age bar to enroll on the course?

    Anyone above 18 years of age can join our makeup training center.

  • Do i need any qualifications or previous experience in make-up to enroll on the course?

    Not required.

  • How do i enroll?

    You must complete the application form (which is available by filling in our contact form and send it with a cheque for the course fee. We will send you a receipt with your acceptance letter.

  • What distinguishes your master classes from those of others?

    What distinguishes our makeup training center from other classes is the personal connection made with students. We have small class sizes, in order to accommodate the technical ability to be learned, and beyond that, we are constantly in touch with students to help them secure work on their resumes, portfolio, etc. We love what we do, and it shows. And we have a very good relationship with the tv station and bride industry, therefore graduates from our college can arrange job placements almost immediately to the place that you dream to work for. Filming, tv station, bridal industry.

  • What qualification will i receive after the course?

    You will be given a diploma after the course. However, photographers, magazine editors, film, television, etc. Will give you work on the strength of your portfolio alone. So we provide a customized portfolio built for our every student along with the diploma.

  • Do you offer both private and group classes?

    Yes! Our 2 months course is within a group setting, however we do private custom workshops, that are 2 to 4 days, depending on the topic and needs of the student, we call them 1on1 workshops.

  • When is my tuition fee due?

    Before your start date.

  • I am interested in becoming a freelance makeup artist, specializing in bridal and was wondering if your classes would be a good fit?

    Yes. The 1 week Certificate Program would be perfect.