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Thread-lifts Training


Thread Lifts Training program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005



As we age, our facial support structure weakens and we start losing facial fat. This would result in an older-looking face and cheeks, the eyebrows, areas around the, jowls and the neck are the areas which generally affected. Ultimately overall shape of the face will change where the jowl becoming more prominent and cheek bones are less defined. Thread-lifts or Suture lifts which is a non-surgical procedure which involve the use of POD threads or sutures made from materials used in surgery to close wounds. When threads are placed under the skin they can tighten and lift loose or sagging areas in various parts of the face or body which help to reduce the sagging and aging effect which will give a rejuvenate look for the face.



  • Cover the history of thread lifting techniques.
  • Learn about science and principles of the techniques based on anatomical study of facial
  • Comparison study about thread-lifting Vs surgical face lifting and uncovering the benefits
    & limitations.
  • Further understanding of different types of threads and their advantages.
  • Live demonstration
  • Hands-on Training.



  • All about PDO Threads
  • Interactive PDO thread Demonstration
  • Consultation’s procedures of patients 
    • Patient’s history
    • Aesthetic assessment of face
    • Estimating number of threads needed
    • Suitability of combined treatments such as filler/Botox, etc..
  • Product details –
    • PDO threads & Cogs, Brands, Cost, Insurance and Storage
  • Product details –
    • PDO threads & Cogs, Brands, Cost, Insurance and Storage
  •  Techniques used
    • Point insertion + map
    • Depth of insertion
  • Hands-on Practices
    • Design of model treatment plan
    • Full face anesthesia for no/low pain and bruising
    • Under supervision, delegates demonstrate procedures on models
  • Post treatment care plan
  • Complications

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