Craft your dream career with our elite Makeup Artistry Diploma. Immerse yourself in hands-on training, guided by industry experts, in our modern training spa. Master stunning looks, build your confidence, and unlock your entrepreneurial potential. Join us and become the makeup maestro you were meant to be.

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    When you study with us, you’ll gain a top-quality qualification. We’ll prepare you for the real world with:

    Makeup Artistry Diploma

    • Great class sizes
    • Hands-on training in our on-site training spas and salons
    • Interaction with top industry partners in our diploma programs
    • Assistance with CV preparation and interviewing skills during each course.• You’ll also learn with the best quality products in first class training facilities.
    • Career Coaching
    • Guidance to setup your own businesses and Scholarships
    • A makeup artist’s career can be exciting and rewarding. There are many career opportunities.
      open to those who have the needed skills and certifications,
    •  Freelance Makeup Artist
    • Film and Television Makeup Artist
    • Runway Makeup Artist
    • Red Carpet, High Fashion Celebrity Makeup Artist
    • Costume Makeup Artist
    • Bridal Makeup Artist
    • Spa / Salon Makeup Artist

    Just a basic understanding of Makeup Fundamentals, from there we will groom you to be a
    Methods which you can pay Us
    • Visa & Master Cards
    • Cheques
    • Emails Transfers

    Our tutors will emphasize on the following areas during the makeup Artistry Diploma program.
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    ➢ Moule 1 – Makeup Products & Equipment
    ▪ Introduce you to the world of makeup and all it entails and take
    an extensive look at the broad range of products and equipment
    available. Familiarization of different skin types, facial shapes,
    required knowledge to design a makeup and introduction to
    different techniques in use. Also, we will cover the required
    knowledge and skills to safely use products with proper
    methods hygiene and legislation policies.
    ➢ Module 2 – Face, Eyebrow, Eye & Lip Shapes

    ▪ Making you familiar with the diversity of the human facial
    features and learn the skills required to makeup any face, with

    ➢ Module 3 – Glamour Makeup for Photography

    ▪ From the photography studio to the wedding aisle, delve into
    the depths of Glamour Makeup and learn about the various
    styles and techniques for making your clients feel beautiful!

    ➢ Module 4 – High Fashion Makeup & Makeup for Film and

    ▪ This module introduces you to the exciting world of Film,
    Television makeup and into fashion industry and explore the
    various styles and techniques of high fashion Makeup, become
    familiar with the many industry-specific standards and how
    they affect makeup design.

    ➢ Module 5 – Revolution of Makeup overtime

    ▪ In this module you will familiarize yourself with the theoretical
    and practical adaptation of how makeup industry evolved over
    the years and how much it has changed in the modern era.

    ➢ Model 6 – Photography/Portfolio

    ▪ Get an introduction to basic model photography principles,
    including studio portraiture and outdoor location shoots. You
    will produce a portfolio covering a range of coursework. Hair
    and makeup work are critiqued on camera and captured in
    photo sessions throughout the module.

    Module 7 – Specialty Makeup Application

    • ▪ Recap the areas to enhance perfection on Film & Runway
      application, History of makeup and period styles, Bridal
      makeup fundamentals, Makeup for Camera and Runway,
      Practical application: Camera, Runway Looks, Historical
      Makeup and Bridal looks.
      ▪ Also address the Makeup Fundamental of ;
      • Evolution of Makeup Artistry
      • Infection Control Principles and Practices
      • Facial Anatomy and Physiology
      • Tools, Products and Supplies
      • Color Theory
      • Client Consultation
      • Makeup Application
      • Daytime Makeup princiles and practical application
      • Glamour Styles and Techniques along with the practical
    • ➢ Module 8 – Working as a Freelance MUA
    • ▪ The refining touch to your newly acquired skills, this module
      will equip you with the knowledge required to put your skills
      into professional use!
      • Learning Outcomes Summary
      • Introduction
      • Establishing A Successful Makeup Business
      • Setting Up Your Business
      • How to Get Clients
      • Tips for Working in Specific Industry Sectors
      • Wedding
      • Fashion
      • Television
      • Theatre
      • Working as An Assistant
      • Assignment

    ➢ Module 9 – Skills for small business

    ▪ You’ll learn skills in marketing, taxation and financial
    processes necessary for running a small business. During
    computer lab sessions you’ll produce a portfolio containing a
    range of your work.