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Program Overview:

Microneedling also known as collagen induction therapy is a non-surgical treatment used to cure multiple skin problems like scars, hyperpigmentation, aging, wrinkles, stretching, fine lines and hair loss. Microneedling procedure involves a fine surgical grade sterile needle to produce new collagen.

Our course focuses on training aestheticians to perform the microneedling procedures with expertise. We ensure that our students maintain safety and hygiene while performing the techniques on face or body. Our students get real time training in our own clinic.

Who Should Pursue The Certification?​

Microneedling is a non-surgical medical procedure hence, this certification is usually advised to the practicing doctors, nurses and aesthetician. It can be pursued by spa, salon and clinic owners or the ones practicing aesthetics and looking to open a clinic.

Microneedling is suggested for acne scar, pore reduction and wrinkle reduction. It can be an asset to the students who have their own clinic or are aspiring to open a clinic.

Course Content

  • Microneedling And Its Techniques
  • Safety Guidelines: Sterilisation
  • Skin Conditions And Precautions
  • Machines And Needles
  • Introduction To Products
  • Healing And Post Procedure Care
  • Preparing The Work Station
  • Consultation Of Client
  • Practicing On Real Models

Benefits Of Certification

Microneedling has a growing demand in the beauty industry. This treatment can provide permanent results yielding to a stronger customer base. Our students end up starting their own clinic, salon or spa. Our students receive an accredited certificate on completion of the course. Microneedling course is an easy way to minimise cost and increase customer base.

Highlights Of The Certification

  • One On One Focused Instructor Led Training.
  • Real Time Training In Clinic.
  • Professional Techniques/Methods Of Training.
  • Premium Brand Products Used During Procedure.
  • Real Models For Practice Sessions.
  • Starter Kit Is Provided To All Students.
  • Accredited Certification Course.

How much a Microneedling Artist can Earn?

Microneedling Course

Microneedling may cost from $200 to $700 and per session, and number of session could vary, normally a person needs about three to six session to achieve best results. When you do the math for an one patient would pay you ranging from $600 – $4200. Imagine you performing treatments on serval people’s per a month. You would definitely have a healthy income. 

Upgrade Your Skills!

Enhance your skills by learning microneedling with elite college. We assure you the best techniques and products in town.