About Elite College

At Elite College, we have you covered. We’re an all in one private college offering courses where you’ll learn the latest techniques in applying Instagram ready, flawless makeup, perfect eyelash extensions, seamless hair extensions and the most artfully crafted of nail art.


We also offer high tech, medical courses including how to administer Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables and how to successfully carry out a Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP ‘Vampire’, facial. We also train therapists in laser treatments including laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing.


But we don’t stop there. We understand how running a successful beauty business isn’t just about the treatments. It’s also about the rapport you have with your clients. You could be the best trained salon beauty therapists in Canada, but if you don’t have the confidence to build up relationships with your clients and make them feel amazing, then they’re unlikely to return.


It’s also about the business side of running a business. The number crunching, the right level of stock, paying wages if you have staff and paying the correct taxes. Without this knowledge, your business could be doomed before the very start.

Successful Business Training for all Business Sectors

We can teach you how to liaise with clients, peers and industry influencers with ease and with confidence. You’ll learn how to make a name for yourself for all the right reasons and how to use your new-found confidence to surge ahead with your business.


You’ll also learn what it takes to be a savvy business owner, whether you’re a sole trader or you’re managing a team.We offer award winning Stand Up and Speak sessions too, directly with the co-founder of this motivational coaching organization, Lori-Ann Jakel. Lori-Ann is a renowned speaker, author and poet and is just as passionate about your success as you are.


With many beauty businesses out there, all competing for same customers, you need to stand out from the crowd. We can help you surge ahead of the rest with our Stand Up and Speak and business courses.

And it’s not just the beauty industry that we help. We see many other small business owners and larger corporations coming through our doors with one common goal – to get ahead and be the best.

So if this sounds like you, get in touch today!