Early Childhood

Early Childhood Assistant

Prepare for a fulfilling career in early childhood education with our exclusive Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) Program at Elite College. This course equips individuals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to support the development and well-being of young children in educational settings. 

The program includes both theoretical knowledge and practicum experience where to get you prepared in real-world settings and enter a rewarding industry. You will be pioneers of providing education and care to children during their most influential years.

*This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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    Elite College of Business & Healthcare has an exclusive Early Childcare Assistant (ECA) Certificate Program is structured to guide our students with key essentials to develop their skills and knowledge in providing activities and care to children to facilitate
    learning and play in order to enable children to achieve development outcomes.

    Our program ECA at Elite College include both theoretical knowledge and practical application where we will prepare our students to enter a rewarding industry and you will be pioneers of providing education and care to children during their most influential years.

    Why Accreditation is Important

    When you attend an accredited institution, you are attending a school that has undergone a rigorous process that evaluates educational quality. It’s not easy to become or remain an accredited institution. The rules and regulations are strict, precise and designed to protect students. Here are some of the benefits:

    • A reliable indicator of quality
    • Approved program of study
    • Qualified instructors
    • Recognition by employers nationwide

    What Is The Course About

    • Early Childhood Assistant course will prepare you for a job in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry.
    • You will be required to study 14 core units.
    • All students are supervised during their placement.
    • As a part of the curriculum student will have to undergo minimum of 490 hours of work placements. (As a result of COVID-19 restrictions placements will be impacted, however students will not be disadvantaged)

    Program Overview

    The ECA certificate program will prepare you for a rewarding and varied career in children’s services. You will develop practical skills through our supportive workplace learning model and will ready to step into the real working environment when you graduate.

    Our program is Total of 945 Hours & expands through

    • Theory (Instructor Led Classroom) – 455 Hours 
    • Practicum Placement – 490 Hours

    Hour Breakdown of the Modules

    Note – Each practicum must take place in a licensed day care center or early learning

    1. Module 1 – 8 must be completed before Practicum 1: Infant and Toddler.
    2. Undergo Practicum 1: Infant and Toddler.
    3. Complete module 10 – 13.
    4. Practicum 2: Preschool – Successful completion of Practicum 1 is a must.


    1. The children’s services industry, policies and procedures
    2. Planning activities and providing care to children
    3. Directing leisure, play and enabling children to achieve their developmental outcomes
    4. For more details read through Module Summaries


    1. Classroom-based Learning – student attends Elite College with a Teacher/Trainer present
    2. Practical training – practicum must take place in a licensed day care center or early learning center with the supervision of an instructor.

    What are the Admission REQUIREMENTS?

    Minimum requirements:

    • Grade 12 High School Diploma in a College; or 
    • a University Track from a Canadian High School (A copy of the high school transcript is required in addition to the diploma); or
    • Be at least of 18 years old and need to pass the entry assessment
    • Police Check (Clearance) of Criminal Record – Must be produced within 30 days of starting the program
    • All candidates will have to undergo an interview with our coordinators to ascertain their suitability to follow the ECA program at Elite College

    Include any specifics as per the college requirements

    What jobs can I apply for after completing this course?

    Potential job titles include:

    • Children’s services coordinator
    • Family-daycare coordinator
    • Team leader or room leader in a service
    • Early-childhood educator
    • Playgroup coordinator
    • Assistant director of early childhood services
    • Early-childhood educator – team leader
    • Reliever in early-childhood programs
    • Nanny

    How much can I earn?

    • Average ECA salary in Canada is $34,125 per year or $17.50 per hour. 
    • Entry-level positions start at $33,516 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $37,293 per year.

    Upgrade Your Skills!

    Enhance your skills by having a ECA certificate with Elite College. We believe in providing a comprehensive education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world experiences. You’re 1 step away from your future career, don’t wait, make your dream come true!