Classic Eyelash Extension Course



Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Classic eyelash extension course will first start with a theory. In which you will learn about the Xtreme lash concept and philosophy as well as all of our products. This will be followed by a hands-on practice on mannequin heads as well as your very first eyelash extension applications on real models. At the end of the session, our xtreme lash expert gives you your prestigious certification!

Goal: Hands-on and theoretical training on the individual lash extension application technique.

Eyelash extension techniques

Learning eyelash extension techniques can offer several benefits to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry or expanding their existing skill set. Here are some potential reasons why someone may want to learn eyelash extension techniques:

  1. Expanding your services: Adding eyelash extensions to your list of offered services can help you attract new clients and generate more revenue.
  2. Meeting client demand: Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment, and many clients seek out professionals who can perform the procedure with skill and expertise.
  3. Creative expression: Learning eyelash extension techniques can allow you to explore your creativity and design unique looks for clients.
  4. Building a loyal client base: Providing quality eyelash extension services can help you build a loyal client base that will return for future appointments and refer new clients.
  5. Professional development: Learning new techniques can help you develop professionally and increase your knowledge and skill set in the beauty industry.

Overall, learning eyelash extension techniques can be a valuable investment for those looking to enhance their career in the beauty industry or simply offer more services to clients.


While it is possible to find online courses that teach eyelash extension techniques, it is generally not recommended to learn this skill exclusively online. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Hands-on experience: Eyelash extension techniques require hands-on experience and practice to perfect. It can be challenging to develop the necessary skills through online instruction alone. As you need to have a feel for the tools, materials, and application process.
  2. Individualized instruction: An experienced instructor can provide individualized instruction and feedback that is tailored to your specific needs and skill level. This level of personalized instruction can be difficult to replicate in an online setting.
  3. Safety concerns: Eyelash extension application involves working in close proximity to the eye, and improper technique can lead to injury or infection. Learning in-person from a trained professional can help you understand best practices for maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment.
  4. Client expectations: Clients who seek out eyelash extension services expect a high level of skill and expertise from the technician. If you learn the technique exclusively online, you may not be able to offer the same level of quality that clients expect, which can harm your reputation and credibility in the industry.

Overall, while online courses may provide a good introduction to the techniques and concepts of eyelash extension. In-person training is essential for developing the hands-on experience and personalized instruction needed to master this skill.

During your training you will learn: 

  1. •Eye, eyelid & eyelash  anatomy
  2. •Health & safety procedures
  3. •Contra-indications
  4. •Client consultation
  5. •Lash cleansing & preparation
  6. •Different lash curls, weights and lengths
  7. • Lash mapping
  8. • Lash isolation techniques
  9. • Use of primary adhesives
  10. • Correct bonding techniques
  11. • Infills & removal procedures
  12. • Client aftercare & retail products
  13. • Product costs
  14. • Treatment pricing & profit
  15. • Promotional skills to grow your business