ILLŪMEN Photon LED Vibrating + Heating Skin Revitalizing Beauty Device



ILLŪMEN Photon LED Vibrating + Heating Skin Revitalizing Beauty Device

ILLŪMEN Photon LED – Photon Thermal Skin Revitalizing Device utilizes LED and thermal technology to complement and enhance your current skincare regimen.

The thermal care encourages the pores to open, whilst the vibration accelerates the absorption of mask/skincare ingredients.

A quick self-timed, 6-minute treatment will boost your skincare to treat acne, reduce inflammation, and promote anti-aging effects.

Amplify your skin care regimen and Reveal Your Naked Beauty!



ILLŪMEN utilizes multiple technologies to meet different facial skincare needs, by promoting more efficient absorption of skincare products.

Pair your mask/skincare with the treatment mode best suited to your personal needs.

When pairing the device with skincare products, you can use a thin cotton pad or fine gauze over the Treatment Surface, saturated with the serum/oil of your choice.

  1. Cleanse your face before use.

  2. Apply the sheet mask/skincare, flatten, and smooth product on your face.

  3. Turn on ILLŪMEN and select colour mode according to your personal needs.

  4. Slowly and gently massage upwards with the Treatment Surface, avoiding the area around the eyes. (Jaw line-Cheeks-Nose-Forehead)

  5. After 6 minutes of continued use, ILLŪMEN will shut off automatically.

  6. Rinse off the mask if required and follow up with your regular skincare regimen

  7. Rinse the device with water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Cover the Treatment Surface with the protective cover provided.