Microblading ink box



Microblading Pre-Ink Mapping

Instead of using pencil , use the latest trend, inkbox. Provide more precise measurement without making a mess

Advantage: The mapping of the face is simple and precise with our pre-marked strings and superior to most bow mapping tools. Helps create perfect symmetrical brows in a short time and improves efficient microblading.

  • Precise: The eyebrow mapping string improves the accuracy of many cosmetic procedures such as scalp, eyes and eyeliner. A must for cosmetic tattoo artists, salons, beauty schools and professionals.
  • No Coloring Required: The microblading string is already pre-colored with charcoal so that you don’t have to color the string yourself. The drawing process is faster and more precise than ever and results in a refined forehead shape.
  • The Wound Wire Design: 2 meters long, compact and durable. This string is very thin and heavily saturated with cosmetic ink. It is durable, disposable and skin-friendly.
  • Application: Versatile for every artistic style! Compatible with any brow mapping tool. Perfect microblading tool for professional eyebrow designers or beginners.

Microblading Pre-Ink Mapping color: black box-white ink;
white box-white ink

Use: Mark the front part of the eyebrows
What it does: Make eyebrow processing faster and more precise than ever before, thereby helping you create beautiful eyebrows for your customers. A must-have texture line for all eyebrows and beginners.
Shelf life: 3 years

Package Included
1 x mapping string

Please note to store it in a cool place and dry and seal the pouch when not in use.