Public Speaking Skill for Adults COURSE OBJECTIVE:


Public Speaking Skill – In today’s world, the electronic written word rules. No longer do we routinely communicate face to face or on the telephone. Instead, we take to our screens and churn out email after email or send quickly worded texts with no second thought.

But what then happens if we’re suddenly in a social situation that requires conversing with another human. Or we need to take on a presentation at work? We stumble over our words, and we don’t put our points across as succinctly as we perhaps should or could.

On a social level, this can lead to feelings of frustration or even anger, as we leave feeling disappointed and awkward. At work, and inability to communicate properly during a presentation or interview can mean. We’re not properly rewarded and our merits not properly recognised.

We might have all the ideas, opinions and dialogue in our minds, but we struggle to get it all out. And we’re not alone. Many adults find verbal communication difficult, and for as long as we’re able, prefer to converse by text or email. But as soon as we’re removed from this place of comfort. We struggle, and our confidence takes a tumble.

We can help you overcome your fears to get you through that public speech or presentation that’s looming. You can then use these skills and valuable tools to take you through the rest of your life. Or maybe you’re just starting out in your career and you know that to be the best. You need to verbally communicate effectively? 

Perhaps you’re a corporation or company, looking to invest in your staff to being out the best in them, improve their sales techniques or their critical thinking? We can help here too, with away days designed to invigorate and energize groups.

Book up today, improve crucial communication skills and change your entire mindset on giving presentations and speeches and under motivational, put another tab for “salesman technique”