Laser Technician Diploma

Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Laser Technician Diploma Course Objective:

We’re pleased to deliver a well-rounded laser technician courses training in Canada and other nearby areas. The focus of the program is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to individuals for performing various skin care treatments using professional products and modern technology.

What you will learn?

In the friendly environment of Elite college, students will perform facial and other body treatments. They can learn about the education and preparation needed to become a certified laser technician. Our laser technician certification program includes amazing things like-

  • Basic facials
  • Back treatments
  • Hair removal
  • Photo facials
  • Skin rejuvenation



The coursework conducted by our experts prepares students for certification through discussions on anatomy and histology of skin and laser biophysics. Individuals can enjoy hands-on training working directly with the laser to remove hairs or treat skin diseases such as age spots, veins etc and are taught simply to keep safety precautions in mind associated with these procedures.

This comprehensive program help students to start a career with advanced Skin Care knowledge as a specialist in the country.



The student applying for admission to Elite beauty college must meet the given admission requirements.

  • All applicants must have a grade 12 diploma OR be 19 years of age. A copy of identity proof or Diploma and/or transcript is required.
  • All applicants must complete an application for admission and submit it with registration deposit.

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Duration 14 Weeks
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Minimum Score (12)
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SEMESTER INFORMATION (Laser Technician Diploma)

This module is 120 hours. Students will learn about sanitation and disinfection, anatomy and physiology, cosmetic chemistry, and the basics of electricity. They will perfect their techniques in facial treatments (including various deep cleansing methods) use of the esthetics equipment (facial steamer, brushing machine, high frequency), and manual extraction.

What you will learn? Lecture 1.1 Sanitation & Disinfection
Lecture 1.2 Cells, Anatomy, and Physiology of the Skin
Lecture 1.3 Human Anatomy and Physiology
Lecture 1.4 Cosmetic Chemistry
Lecture 1.5 Facials/The Treatment Room
Lecture 1.6 Facials/Skin Analysis
Lecture 1.7 Facials/Massage
Lecture 1.8 Facial and Treatments
Lecture 1.9 Electricity and Machines

This module is 30 hours. Students will learn to recognize common skin diseases, disorders and disturbances; determine those that can be treated by the esthetician and those that require medical treatment.

Lecture 1.1 Skin Allergies and Injuries
Lecture 1.2 Skin Disorders and Diseases

This module is 30 hours and it outlines permanent hair removal technique and practices, and their effect on the skin.

Lecture 1.1 Hair Removal Procedures
Lecture 1.2 Hair Removal Practical Application

In this 120-hour module, students will be introduced to specialized treatments provided by Laser Technicians and provide a thorough understanding of Laser modalities and the tissue interactions associated with laser and other light-based therapies to treat a range of skin imperfections.

What you will learn? Lecture 1.1 Introduction to Lasers and Light Therapy
Lecture 1.2 The Skin and Lasers
Lecture 1.3 Laser, Light and Radiofrequency Devices
Lecture 1.4 Skin Typing and Laser Treatments
Lecture 1.5 Skin Care and Pre-Treatment
Lecture 1.6 Indications, Contraindications & Types of Treatments

In this 120-hour module, students will continue to build on and practice treatments of a Laser Technician. Further emphasis will be placed on the theoretical and practical knowledge of Photo-rejuvenation, Pixel & Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments, and Skin Tightening.

1.1 Photo Rejuvenation

1.2 Vascular

1.3 Pixel & Fractional Treatment
1.4 Collagen Stimulation/ Skin Tightening
1.5 Practical Lab of laser treatments

Evaluation Method

  • Practical Exams: 50%
  • Quizzes: 10%
  • Theory Exams: 40%

Grading Policies

  • Student must maintain an overall average of at least 70% to pass the subject/program
  • Late arrivals will not be given extra time in evaluations
  • When absence of exams or quizzes, students must provide a physician’s note or proper documentation. Zero will be given if there is no doctor’s note.
  • Failed subjects are to be repeated

Graduation Requirements

  • Student must obtain an overall average of at least 70% for graduation and receiving a diploma
  • Student must meet all financial obligations

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