Eyebrow Tint Course

Do you love a solid, properly done brow?



Then turn your passion into a career by joining with us, we will turn you into a professional eyebrow artist with all the knowledge you need. Its trendy and have a very high demand to it, and the most important thing is that it should completely tailored to each individual client as their eyebrow should be as individual as they are. 


This the principle we reflect across every step of our course. During our training program you will learn everything you need in order to start performing brow treatments, you will be directed through a comprehensive training journey of theory and hands-on practice where you will get the opportunity to learn superior techniques and mastering the treatments on live models.

Learn superior techniques and mastering the treatments on live models

During the training you will learn,

• Health & safety procedures

• Eye, eyelid & brow anatomy

• Brow cleansing & preparation

• Client consultation

• Brow shape design

• Bespoke brow tinting

• Brow waxing

• Brow threading

• Brow tweezing

• Brow trimming

• Brow makeup application

• Client aftercare & retail products

• Product costs

• Treatment pricing & profit

• Promotional skills to grow your business


Course Duration One day –


4 hours $380 Path of becoming a professional artist requires lot of hard work and determination, yet don’t worry we’re with you every step you take, we will help you out to master the art of brows. Even after the completion of the training you will receive ongoing professional support from us and necessary guidance to make your dream a reality.

TRAINING Advantage

Average salary could vary in the range of $35,000 to $65,000 annually. By performing 13 new procedures per month at average cost of $445 Eyebrow artist could earn $5,783 per month.