Future Entrepreneur Grant

Small Business Development Program

Future Entrepreneur Grant

In this rapidly challenging modern economy, entrepreneurs need to think smart to survive in the industry. And gain access to new technologies, capital investing opportunities, research goals to setup future targets to be successful. Large organizations and companies that have fared well in the industry for several years. Which can simply rely on the profits to reinvest to develop. But for an entrepreneur he/she needs to think tactically to fight the challenges that they have to face and to grow their business.

One aspect that we have found through some extensive research. Which was conducted among the new entrepreneurs that most of them are ‘lack in proper education and qualifications’.  Which has become a major barrier that have to overcome to develop their business ventures. One other aspect is that young entrepreneurs have lack of funding to diversify their businesses which will bring new opportunities to develop their ventures. Also, it has come to our notice that most of the entrepreneurs have been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Future Entrepreneur Grant program is launched to provide assistance to entrepreneurs to improve their existing business ventures. And the ones they plan to launch in near future by providing financial aids.

What are the benefits you have from this grant program?

If you managed to win the grant, you will be able to get reward of $1000 which can be redeemed from your tuition after enrolling at any college. Who are participating in the program and undergo a selected program or the funding could be used for the purpose of supporting the expenses in your businesses.

Separate Note about Elite College.

We, Elite College proudly announce that we have taken hands with the “Future Entrepreneur Grant” program. And, to help young entrepreneurs achieve their goals by having a proper form of education and qualifications they need. We have developed numerous education programs to help you succeed in beauty industry.

So, we cover the knowledge from the most basic to the most advanced technologies which are currently using in the industry. After successful completion of our programs, we will give the proper education to carry out the procedures and most importantly ‘Qualification’ which you must have to provide assurance to your customers that you are a well-trained, qualified professional.