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    • September 20, 2018
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    Hair loss is a common affliction, affecting both men and women as they age. Unlike lines and wrinkles however, hair loss can begin much earlier, when people are in their 30s or even their 20s. It can be distressing at any age and until recent years, treatments have been unreliable with unpredictable results.

    But the revolutionary new PRP hair loss treatment is now an option to treat male pattern baldness and thinning hair in women without expensive and time-consuming hair transplants.

    PRP stands for Platelet Rich Therapy and you may have heard of the PRP vampire facial before, made famous by Kim Kardashian. The PRP hair loss treatment works in a similar way to the PRP vampire facial. Our expertly trained therapists will talk through your procedure at length with you and ease any fears you have.

    The process involves taking a small amount of your blood, just like you’d experience during a blood test at your doctor’s office. This sample is then placed into a centrifuge to spin it at high speeds which separates the red blood cells from the straw-colored plasma part of your blood. This plasma is the part that our therapists will use during your treatment and is rich in platelets. It contains the essential building blocks that help the body to regenerate and heal, ideal for strengthening hair follicles and encouraging thicker hair growth.

    This plasma is then either injected into your scalp where your hair loss or thinning hair is most apparent. It can also be ‘dermarolled’ which makes use of a small roller lined with tiny needles rolled over the scalp to deliver the platelet rich plasma and stimulate hair growth.

    Our therapists will be able to advise you, and depending on your level of hair loss or thinning, you can expect to need around seven to ten sessions of PRP hair loss treatment. You will usually start to see results after the fourth or fifth session.

    Hair loss and thinning hair can be caused by ageing, and also hormonal imbalances and genetic influences. None of which are easy to reverse or change. Book in with our PRP hair loss therapy specialists today and see what difference we can make for you.

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