How to become a Medical Aesthetician?


Who is a Medical Aesthetician? Medical aesthetician is a skin specialist who is certified in performing various skin treatments such as laser hair reduction, laser tattoo removal, Botox, laser wrinkle reduction, laser acne reduction and other skin treatments. Just like an aesthetician, medical aestheticians are also trained to perform facials, makeup, waxes, skin peels and many other famous skin treatments. The main difference of aesthetician and a medical aesthetician is that they are trained by medical professionals and certified to carry out treatments which are on an extensive level. Sounds complicated? Not even a bit! Becoming a medical aesthetician is much easier than you. Let us highlight what you need to know and how start your journey as a Medical Aesthetician.

Research about Medical Aesthetics and About your Career Options.

Have a good understanding of what you’re getting into is the far most important than anything. Why we say that is, then the possibilities of someone making a fool out of you is much lesser. In our brief summary we explained to you lightly about a medical aesthetician but we recommend you to dig deep.

You will have a greater span of career opportunities you can be employed by a hospital, medical practice, or any healthcare facility. Additionally, medical estheticians may also work in salons or spas. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists commonly employ medical estheticians to perform procedures including medical chemical peels, exfoliation, and photo-facials under their supervision. If you desire to take the entrepreneurial route, once you are a trained and licensed medical esthetician you can startup your own treatment center.

Choosing a regulated aesthetician school and a program.

Quality education is the foundation to build a solid career. Main things which you have concern about are how long have then been in the industry? How is the success rate of the past students? How updated they are with the treatment procedures? Do they offer “Hands-on Training”? Do you get a valid certificate after successful completion of the program? It can’t be just a school, you’re investing for your future, so choose the best for yourself!
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How much can I earn as a Medical Aesthetician?

The averagely Medical Aesthetician in Ontario, CA and also generally in Canada is about $51,530 but could be range from $41,976 to $66,105. Salary ranges can depend on many factors such as education, certification, additional skills and industrial experience etc.

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