How to Become a Medical (Botox/Filler) Injector?


What is Botox? Let us take you through a brief summary before we explain you the process. Botox is a non-invasive injectable, used to weaken the nerve signals to specific facial muscles, causing them to relax. This result in a smoothing of fine lines wrinkles, leading to a more youthful appearance. It can also help to prevent further lines and wrinkles from developing. Botox is a cosmetic injectable procedure which is known to have a highest demand in the beauty industry in Canada as well as around world. That’s why we thought of publishing this article especially for you to awaken the awareness of Botox & Filler which could be a great investment for your future.
These are the essential key facts which have to know in order to climb up the stairs to get certified in Botox and Filler.

Who are authorized to administer Botox and Filler?

Since this treatment include means of injectables. There for few prerequisites which need to be satisfied first. That you have to be a Licensed Medical Physician, Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse, Doctor or a Dentist. Every other can participate in consultations and to assist treatments (which have more rewarding benefits than it sounds) but not allowed to administer Botox and Filler injectable. Safety of your customer is the by far the most important thing.

Enroll in a Botox/Filler Certification Course

Next important thing is that you have to do some background research about Botox/Filler, because that could save yourself from getting scammed. You have to choose your College wisely because there are many Botox and Filler Training Courses out there in the market which are not up to the standards, they don’t teach the most necessary on-point skills and neither provide the required Hands-on practice to be successful.
That’s where we would like to announce you about Us! Elite College is offering required knowledge and necessary hands-on training to elevate students abilities and skills. We believes in quality of education more than anything.

Attend for the Training and obtain your Certification

At Elite College we always thrive to provide the best for our students. Our Courses are structured in a such manner that alongside with the classroom education, our tutors will nourish our students with more and more Hands-on Training. Why we highlight the fact “More & more Hands-On Training” because that’s what gives the students confidence, he/she needs to perform the treatments after graduating.


As per the trends in the recent past a Certified Botox Administer earns about $80,000 average yearly in Canada. Somehow it could vary based on many different factors such as, location of the employment, customer base, scope of the business etc. Furthermore, it can be stated that annual average pay could vary between $60,000 – $125,000.
Set your Goals right! Come and Join with at Elite College!

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