Aqua Peptide Collagen Mask – GLOMEDIC – 25gr




Aqua Peptide Collagen Mask – Glomedic

The Aqua Peptide Collagen Modeling is a mask of the brand Glomedic proposed Centrale fillers. This product is one of the most enriched moisturizers. It forms the contour of the facial envelope and synthesizes collagen to bring firmness to the skin. It also strengthens skin cells. This treatment helps to fade wrinkles by fighting against the aging of tissues.

Aqua Peptide Collagen Modeling preserves the elasticity of skin tissues thanks to its enveloping effect. This filler provides polysaccharides and trace elements of natural origin essential for cellular nutrition. These substances provide an instant lifting and moisturizing effect on the stratum corneum.

This collagen mask offers a real firming facelift. Aqua Peptide Collagen Modeling restores and renews the skin. It deeply moisturizes, relieves and soothes the dermis. From its first application, a significant reduction in wrinkles and an obvious remodelling of the face are remarkable.

Active ingredients

This mask is composed of hydrolyzed collagen. It is a protein that enters the deep layers of the skin by restructuring tissues. This process is achieved through the strengthening of the extracellular matrix and the stimulation of collagen synthesis. The plant complex provides attenuation and fading of irritation and redness.

These components of Aqua Peptide Collagen restore tone and maintain skin elasticity. These anti-aging actions visibly reduce wrinkles, even the deepest ones. This treatment offers a real firming lifting effect for a smooth and reshaped contour of the face.

Protocol of use of the Aqua Peptide Collagen Mask

The alginate powder that makes up this mask must be diluted at room temperature. It is necessary to dilute 25 g of powder in 25 ml of water. You can increase the amount of water in proportion to the powder. Once the preparation is finished, spread a thin layer of 3-5 mm of mask on the skin.

Care must be taken not to cover the nostrils. Remove the mask after a 30-minute break, starting from the chin to the forehead. It is recommended to use this product at a frequency of 2-3 times a week.