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nA mesotherapy which preventing the formation of fat and stimulates lipolysis, smoothens wrinkles, tightens the skin, giving the effect of skin rejuvenation & brightens.



An innovative mesotherapy eliminating eyes bag under the eyes
Dermaheal Eyebag Solution, due to a unique combination of biomimetic peptides, improves
microcirculation and stimulates drainage to reduce eye bags and puffiness and to prevent
lymphatic stagnation. The product reduces adipogenetic factors expression, preventing the
formation of fat and stimulates lipolysis, removing fat pad under the eyes. The product smoothes
wrinkles, elasticity and tightens the skin, giving the effect of skin rejuvenation, lightens and



Active ingredients:
1.  Tripeptide-41: prevents accumulation of adipose tissue and stimulates lipolysis,
2.  Nonapeptide-18: anti-aging and anti-inflammation effect
3. Oligopeptide-61: reduces expression of adipogenetic factors, that increases fat storage,
4. Oligopeptide-73: prevents skin cells damage by inhibiting the effect of UV and other
inducing apoptosis agents.

1. Saggyy and puffiness under the eyes

2. Lower eyelid fat hernia
3.  Disorders of lymphatic and venous circulation around the eyes
4.  Flaccid skin and wrinkles around the eyes

The course of the procedure:
The procedure consists in applying the preparation using the mesotherapy technique in the area
of the lower eyelid region. Anesthetic cream is applied before starting the treatment.

The appearance of the skin after the procedure:
Immediately after the procedure, a slight swelling is visible, which can last up to several
hours. Bruising can happen rarely, which can last up to 2 weeks in this area.

The effects of the treatment:
After just one treatment you can see a reduction in “bags” under the eyes and an improvement in skin
tone. The skin becomes elastic and more tense. The circulation improves, which reduces the tendency
to swell.
The procedure should be repeated 4 times at intervals of 2-3 weeks, then once every 2-3 months.

Contraindications to the procedure:
1. pregnancy, breastfeeding
2.  acute bacterial, local skin diseases
3.  local inflammation, fever, erythematous
4.  decompensated diabetes
5.  cancer
6.  allergies to the preparation used
7.  taking blood thinners, eg aspirin