Tl-TONING procedure improves skin elasticity, skin whitening, skin tightening, remove pigments, it is a skin rejuvenation process excellent for collagen regeneration, kills the acne-causing bacteria and fast hair removal technique ever.


(1) Reasons for recommendation: I-toning can protect the epidermis during the comfortable operation; the filter compresses the wave band among 400---950nm, ineffective light sources are filtered out, and the treatment is more accurate; the larger the treatment spot, better the penetration, the deeper the effect on the dermis, and the large spot is more convenient to operate, saving operation time.

(2) Principle of action: Using the principle of light and heat, light can effectively penetrate the deep layers of the skin to generate light, heat and photo mechanics, stimulate collagen regeneration at different depths, and promote thickening of the dermal papilla and epidermis, so as to improve superficial wrinkles, skin texture, shrink pores, available for smooth, delicate and youthful skin.


Tl-TONING 5 Modes

Smart Tone

Only the lesion is damaged and skin elasticity and skin texture improvement effect can be expected through pigment treatment and skin irritation.

Photo rejuvenation

Hundreds of repetitive pulses heat and tightening the dermis, it is effective for skin elasticity, collagen regeneration, and acne treatment.


Tl-toning fire light energy ad kills acne-causing bacteria

Hair Removal

FHR (fast hair removal) can be rapidly removed by selectively irradiating hair follicles or melanin.


Treatment is not just for pigment, but also for skin whitening