IBEIER Micro Needle Pen



Micro needle pen is a microneedle pen that uses advanced technology to effectively promote skin health. Its effects include anti-puffiness, cellular reduction, skin rejuvenation, dark circles, wrinkle remover, pigment removal, and injection of skin care liquid. The new breakthrough, the microneedle pen is being loved and trusted by more and more customers!

Product Features:

  1. It can promote the growth of collagen, thereby improving the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks, making the face more beautiful.

2. Increase absorption of active ingredients in creams, lotions and serum.

3. It can be used with the battery or with the power cord when the battery is off.

4. Create a large number of microchannels in the skin to ensure the effective absorption of nutrients.

5. It is disposable, only need to change the needle tip during each treatment, which is very affordable. It is safe to shahandpiecesces with other patients.