Laser Technician Diploma



Laser Technician Diploma

Laser Technician Diploma – A laser technician is a professional who works in the healthcare industry. And, it performs specialized cosmetic procedures that use laser technology. Many people thinks laser can only remove unwanted hair, yes this is part of it, laser can also help us to get rid of acne scar, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, face contouring, pigmentation removal (freckle, melasma, acne scar), tattoo removal, veins removal, stretch mark, saggy skin, eye bag removal, eyelid lift, hair regrowth and much more. At Elite college, we don’t only teach IPL and hair removal, we teach everything that is related to laser. Rather than watching the instructor doing it, we let the students do hands-on treatments.

I don’t have any background in the beauty industry, am I able to learn it? 

We teach from the basics and with the extensive lab hours and training, even a student with 0 knowledge about the beauty industry will become an expert in laser technician. In fact, the majority of our students who started the course were not from the industry. 


Am I able to open my own spa or get employed after the course?

Our employment is nearly 90% . Some of our students open their own spa right after they graduate and some get employed right away. In 2022, we assisted 20 students to open their own spa. We assisted them in souring the equipment, renovation, products, website, connecting them with different brands, uniforms and many more. We know what employers want. So we’ll train the technician in a way that right after graduation. Our students will become an asset to the employer and they don’t need to worry about they need to re-train the students again.


I did research and found this machine and you’re not teaching that specific brand of machine.  will I be able to do it after I take the course?

Beauty industry is the fastest growing industry, just think of it as you learn how to drive. Your instructor doesn’t need to teach you how to drive Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz. You learn the skill and after you learn the skills, you’ll be able to drive all different brands of car. Same thing as beauty industry, the machine evolves so quick. And, we won’t be able to teach each and every brand of machines.

Want to jump start into the laser industry and become a certified “laser technician”