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How to Start a Successful Second Career?

Second Career provides laid-off workers with skills training to help them find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario financial support

Starting a Successful Second Career

When you were younger, you were convinced that you wanted to be a teacher / shop assistant / lawyer / farmer or whatever else it was you wanted to be. But, now, fragile, reducing industries and a weakening job climate mean that our chosen careers may no longer be safe. Too many of us are now being laid off, due to no fault of our own.

Now, it’s time for a second wind, a new career to take you through the second half of your working years. Sounds good, right?

But we get it, it’s also scary. Like, really scary.

How Do I Begin My Second Career?!

Being laid off can cause you to feel worthless and like you’ll never find another job again, especially if you’ve been in the same industry for decades. So choosing a second career can be an extremely worrying time.

But it could also be the best move you’ve ever made. And did you know, you could get funding to see you through your second career training? Well, you can, so what better reason to put down your old tools and learn how to pick up new ones?

Applying for Second Career Funding

With Second Career Funding from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, you could receive up to $28,000 to cover the costs of your tuition fees, books and other instructional materials, travel, Basic Living Allowance and child care.

To qualify for funding, you need to have been laid off for no fault of your own, with no other job (or a temporary job that pays enough to just cover your basic living costs). If you’re receiving Employment Insurance (EI) then you can still qualify.

You will also need to be able to demonstrate:

  • The length of time you’ve been unemployed and looking for work
  • Proof that you’ve been looking for work (letters or emails that you’ve sent, their replies, proof of attending interviews etc.)
  • Your level of education
  • Your previous work history and skills
  • What new skills you’d like to learn
  • That these new skills are in demand in the area you’d like to work (job ads etc.)

Once you have all this information gathered together you can apply for your funding.

You cannot start your training until your funding has been approved, which can take up to four weeks. So make sure you apply with plenty of time (six to eight weeks is recommended) before your course begins.

Second Careers, for People Just Like You

At Elite College, we teach people just like you, of all ages, races, abilities and experience. We can all find ourselves in a situation where we no longer have a job, and it can be a daunting and stressful time. But here, we never judge, and welcome all with a passion to learn.

So if you’re thinking about a second career, then what are you waiting for? At Elite College, we see students that were in your very shoes just a few short months ago. Now, they’re learning their new passion, and will soon be graduating with all the skills they need to make it big.

Don’t delay, take this step for YOU today! We promise, you won’t regret it.