Choose dermal fillers to plump, enhance and fill deep lines and wrinkles


As we get older, it becomes more difficult to disguise our age. Going from being able to easily lie about our age, to looking our age can take some getting used to. And aging, coupled with the fact our lifestyle (smoking, sun exposure, stress, pollution etc.) gradually leaves it’s trace on our faces, it’s unavoidable. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. For fine lines and wrinkles just starting to appear, there’s Botox. And for those deeper lines, and areas that have begun to hollow, there’s dermal fillers.
Usually made with collagen, dermal fillers are excellent at producing amazing, youthful results. The aging process means that the collagen and elastin in our skin breaks down. These form the ‘scaffolding’ that our skin sits on, and when this support network begins to weaken, it takes our skin with it. Hello deep nose to mouth lines, hollowed cheeks and sunken jowls. Therefore, a little help from what we already naturally had, just in an injection, goes a long way! You can also choose to enhance areas such as the lips, adding volume for a fuller, fresher look. This non-surgical way of adding volume and smoothing the skin is extremely popular and if carried out in properly licenced premises (like ours), is also extremely safe. Our staff are fully trained in the biology and science of the skin, muscles and nerves of the face and understand how to get the very look you’re after. We decide on which filler to use, depending on your skin and where you’d like treatment. The needles used are very small and although you will feel some discomfort, it’s nothing to be fearful of. Dermal fillers are injected just under the skin, to fill areas that you’d like plumping. We only use small amounts, and we massage it into the area so that it settles naturally. For a couple of days, you might have some swelling and bruising but this is normal and will settle down. The results will last between six months to two years, leaving you with a fresh, natural and youthful look that no one will think is unnatural. To book your consultation and experience your fresh new look, contact us today!

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